Frequently asked questions


1. How can I get help?

You will have access to user manuals, and training documents when you get one of our devices. You can also call us and get support.


2. Where can I get access for maintenance?

There is no need for maintenance. Lab-assit ®  has been designed to be maintenance free. In-case you feel your device has experienced some malfunction then it will be repalced for you with a new one free of charges. A thorough investigation is going to be carried out on the device you brought.


3. I am worried about reagents shortage. Do you have any solution for that? 

Certainly, all reagents needed are available in our store and we make sure a continous supply of  them. Customers in side Ethiopia can use our  delivery service on demand.


4. Where can I get trainig ?

When you get the device two of your lab technicians will be trained in one of our training centers free of charges. If you have our device and lost your lab technician then give us a call or e-mail us your location and we will get back to you with the nearest training center.