Lab-assist ®

A  Clinical Chemistry Analyzer, Lab-assist ®  is designed, prototyped and manufactured by Q-diagnostics using state-of-the-art technological inputs.

This product is designed to provide access to clinical chemistry analyses for everyone. The design of Lab-assist ® has put into consideration the different levels of the health care structure.


Lab-assist ® is


  • CE registered.  
  • Equally and indiscriminately accessible to all levels of health care providing  structures.
  • Designed to withstand harsh working conditions which makes it ideal for use in remote areas. 
  • Designed to facilitate and alleviate the burden of clinical laboratories. 
  • Its ability to operate from internal rechargeable battery gives the user an independence that is not provided by most medical equipments.   
  • Auto-calibrates itself and all you need to do is prepare your sample and proceed with your analyses. 
  • Its simple operation takes into account the much valuable time needed to provide an accurate diagnosis and cure. 
  • Its small size and ability to perform in laboratory environment or in the field makes it unique.
  • It performs twenty four different types of clinical chemistry analyses.



With Lab-assist ®, the following analytical parameters are key strokes away from you:



  •  Albumin  
  •  Alkaline phosphatase
  •  Amylase
  •  Bilirubin total 
  •  Bilirubin direct 
  •  Calcium 



  •  Creatinine
  •  Cholesterol
  •  Glucose 
  •  SGOT 
  •  SGPT
  •  Haemoglobin



  •  HDL Cholesterol 
  •  Iron 
  •  TIBC
  •  Lactate
  •  Magnesium
  •  Micrototal protein 



  •  Potassium 
  •  Sodium 
  •  Triglycerides 
  •  Total protein 
  •  Urea 
  •  Uric acid